Thursday, December 8, 2011

So, today is the day when I can actually get a bunch of stuff done after school.  And I just don't wanna.  :( 

My hubs and my 4-year-old (Kellen) boarded a plane for a little "daddy time" trip this morning.  They are Pittsburgh-bound.  They hate Pittsburgh---no offense if anyone from PA actually reads this. ;) 

So, why, might you ask, are they going to Pittsburgh? 

Well, this is exhibit A in my attempt to prove that my husband is a  And not just football in general, though he does enjoy watching any football game.  But a Cleveland Browns football freak. 

So, 4-year-old has accompanied him on his very first Browns "away" game, and folks, it's gonna be a cold one.  As in 30 degrees.  Bless his little soul.  It's a good thing I packed multiple layers.  But guys, let me tell you--homeboy is stoked! 

Anyway, I am a bit surprised at how nervous I got this morning as I said goodbye.  How strange.  I mean, they're coming back tomorrow afternoon.  But for some reason, I have been worried sick all day.  I even went so far as to track the flight and wait anxiously for news that they had safely landed.  What's up with that? What a psycho! 

So, here I am.  At work.  Tons to do.  Just me and my Jakester.  And, I think I'm gonna forget about work and spend some time with my oldest baby. 

But, in the meantime--GO BROWNS! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well, the Christmas program was awesome.  It always is.

This is the view from the nose-bleeds.  Talk about a
packed house!
That's my cutie front and center in the red vest! ;)

Despite the fact that it is 70 degrees outside (say what!?), I am totally in the Christmas spirit.  I've got my Christmas decor up at my house...

Minus the tree topper classroom is all decorated....

By the way, the center of my bulletin board was
a door mat I got at.....wait for it.....Dollar Tree! 

Aint' it cute?  I just did NOT have the room
for a big tree in my room this year. 
But, we all love this little mini.

........we're doing all kinds of Christmas crafts....(and I have to admit.  I think I'm a bit obsessed with scrapbook paper these days.)


These cute little
are from Cara's blog

...and ladies and gentlemen, the countdown has officially begun!  7 1/2 more days of school until Christmas break!  Woo hoo!  Now, don't get me wrong.  I love love love my job.  But, it's about time for a sister to get a break!  And, the way, my family vacation is going down in exactly 13 days!  AAHHH!!  A cruisin' Christmas in the Bahamas, here we come!  I seriously could NOT be more excited!  And on top of that--I have a secret I'm keeping from my kids. We are going to DisneyWorld for 4 days before we go on our cruise.  (Shhh, don't tell!) How am I expected to keep that secret for all this time?? I mean, really!!  I've been trying to come up with some cute way to tell them like I've seen on the commercials and on America's Funniest Home Videos (our family favorite, by the way).  I'll let you know how it goes!!    

Another awesome thing:  This year some really awesome parents started up a Staff Appreciation Commitee.  All school year long so far they have given us sweet notes and goodies.  They are such a blessing.  Well, for Christmas they stuck these cute little trees on the outside of our classroom doors, and they gave us some sticky ornaments.  We are supposed to write some things we could use for the classroom on the ornaments and stick them on.  Parents are to take an ornament if they would like to fill that particular need.  (I work at a private Christian school, and we teachers buy all of our own supplies and decorations. So, you can understand why I'd be excited about this, huh? What a cute idea!  And I am so blessed to have such awesome parents that the ornaments are flying off the tree!  
Can a sister get some ink???  LOL. Am I the only one using up ink like it's going out of style over here?  Whew!  I'm on my third black AND color cartridge of the school year ALREADY!  

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! (At least it will tonight at 7pm)

Ok, Ok, So technically I guess it doesn't FEEL a lot like Christmas here in eastern North Carolina, but tonight is our school Christmas program, and I can't help but be excited!  Our school's Christmas program involves grades K4-1st, with some help from the high schoolers and middle schoolers who put on the play.  These kids have worked sooooo hard, and this is their shining moment!  And let me tell you now, there is just something about children singing that gets my eyes all innocent and so sweet.  It makes you forget all the craziness they dish out here in the normal world.  :)  This year the program is an extra proud night for me because my son Kellen is in K4 this year and will be singing right up in the front.  He's getting so big! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!