Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Classroom Photos!

These are MY babies, Jacob (8) and Kellen (4) on the first day of school.  They were excited!  Kellen started K4 this year (WHOA!) and Jacob started 3rd grade (how did that happen?)

This is my bulletin board in the classroom!  Totally stole this from pinterest, but it was so perfect for my outer space theme! Love it!

 These are my homemade curtains with adorable astronauts and aliens and spaceships.  I love how colorful they are!  They are just perfect in my room!  I must confess though....I did NOT sew these.  I repeat, I did NOT sew these.  I am not that domestic.  I found this too cute fabric at the Hancock store; then I bought emergency hem repair tape and VOILA!  Curtains were born! 

This is my bulletin board outside of my classroom.  The stars have their names on them.  On the first day of school, I took a photo of each kid wearing my super cool astronaut hat, and now their pictures are beside their star.  It looks really cute!  The banner I got from Vista Print for $10.  Can't go wrong with that!

Stole this idea from pinterest, too.  Seeing a pattern here?   I am a total idea thief!  But, I'm OK with that.  :)  I just added a few flowers and an "out of this world" star and hung it right on the outside of my classroom door with a 3M hook.  Easy peasy. ;)

A very kind parent donated several computers to our school.  Up until then, we didn't have any computers available for the lower elementary students to use in class.  So, needless to say, I was super excited to snag one of them.  Yeah, it's a little old, but it works!  I am so excited to try some awesome computer activities out on my firsties! This is the computer space station. 

This is my mailbox area.  Each student has a mail box.  They turn in notes, homework sheets, and classwork here as well.  It also makes a great place to store extra penmanship paper and construction paper, as you can see from that messy bottom right corner. :)
 This is my desk area.  I picked up the blue bookshelf this summer at a used furniture store.  LOVE IT!  I soooo needed it.  And the two file cabinets were also donated.  JACKPOT!  I have so much more storage this year, and I am loving it!

This is the view of my class from the door. 
 Cubbies.  I picked up those red crates at WalMart for $1.  Yes, I did force myself to go there.  But, what a great deal, right?!  I only wish I had picked up 6 instead of 5.  What was I thinking?  That top row of cubbies is sooo bothering me without that last crate!  AAHH!!
This idea was totally blog-jacked from Cara Caroll.  I really loved her BRAVO wall where she displayed student work, and when I saw it last year, I thought...hmmm....I really don't display my firsties' work often enough.  So this year, I couldn't wait to get this wall going.  The crookedness is driving me nuts, but I'll have to fix it later.  I am excited about it though. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  Have a great middle-of-the-week!

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  1. Your classroom looks FANTASTIC!!!!! Soooo how do I ensure that you teach both of my girls ;)