Friday, September 9, 2011

Out Of This World!!

Yesterday, I was delighted to try one of the activities I got from Babbling Abby.  You know my class theme is outer space, so this was perfect!  I introduced my class to Astronaut Ice Cream!  (So cool, right?)  I ordered it online, and it's actually really easy to find.  So when it finally came in, I just couldn't wait! 

We all tried a little, and I must admit that it was pretty good.  The texture freaked me out a little, but I got over it.  I ordered two pack for my class, so everyone got a small taste, and a few got seconds.

Then, I asked each child which they preferred: Regular Ice Cream or Astronaut Ice Cream. We graphed the results, and here are the results........

(Wow, sorry for the sideways view......what's up with that?)
.........It looks like Astronaut Ice Cream won with 9 votes, while Regular Ice Cream received 8 votes (including my own).  I mean, it was OK, but it sure doesn't beat the cold stuff.  :)

I then had the children complete a graph on their own paper to show the results.  We really had a blast with this!  Thanks, Abby...It was a big hit! :)

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  1. what a cool class project! Great idea, great lesson. Awesome job!