Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mystery Reader

No, you are not hallucinating......Two posts in two days!  I think that qualifies as "on a roll!"   Just a quick general announcement: I saw Courageous the other day.  Awesome movie!  You need to see it!  One of only a handful of movies I've ever seen where the entire theater gave it a standing ovation at the end. 

So...anywho.  Back to "business".  This year I started something new with my class called Mystery Reader.  I carefully select our Mystery Reader and send home a Top-Secret invitation along with a questionnaire.  Our first Mystery Reader was the grandfather of twins in my class.  The last one was our "custodial engineer".  So really, they never know what to expect.   I then use the questionnaire to come up with five clues.  I give them one clue each day leading up to Friday, and they carefully record each clue on their form.  Just before I introduce the reader, they are to record their final guess.  Then, I bring in our Mystery Reader, and he or she reads either a book they brought from home or one I have already chosen for them.  It has been so much fun!! Who will I choose next?..........dun dun dun......

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