Thursday, December 8, 2011

So, today is the day when I can actually get a bunch of stuff done after school.  And I just don't wanna.  :( 

My hubs and my 4-year-old (Kellen) boarded a plane for a little "daddy time" trip this morning.  They are Pittsburgh-bound.  They hate Pittsburgh---no offense if anyone from PA actually reads this. ;) 

So, why, might you ask, are they going to Pittsburgh? 

Well, this is exhibit A in my attempt to prove that my husband is a  And not just football in general, though he does enjoy watching any football game.  But a Cleveland Browns football freak. 

So, 4-year-old has accompanied him on his very first Browns "away" game, and folks, it's gonna be a cold one.  As in 30 degrees.  Bless his little soul.  It's a good thing I packed multiple layers.  But guys, let me tell you--homeboy is stoked! 

Anyway, I am a bit surprised at how nervous I got this morning as I said goodbye.  How strange.  I mean, they're coming back tomorrow afternoon.  But for some reason, I have been worried sick all day.  I even went so far as to track the flight and wait anxiously for news that they had safely landed.  What's up with that? What a psycho! 

So, here I am.  At work.  Tons to do.  Just me and my Jakester.  And, I think I'm gonna forget about work and spend some time with my oldest baby. 

But, in the meantime--GO BROWNS! :)

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